What is the Chart Save Warning on V2?

We have implemented a hard threshold for the number of studies and drawings that can be created on saved Coinigy charts. When a saved chart hits the threshold, the chart will display a warning message indicating that it is time to create a new saved chart and give you a button to easily switch to a new layout.


When you click the button to create a new layout, your old layout will be saved, and you will be automatically switched to an empty record that you can use and modify until you hit the limit again.

If you choose not to switch to a new save, you can delete objects like drawings, indicators, studies, and panels to get back down below the limit. Remember that objects from all symbols/markets contribute to the total. If you don’t see any objects on your current market, there may be objects on other markets that are pushing you over the threshold.


Background: We’ve monitored a rare issue for awhile now among Coinigy users, where, when too many studies and drawings are added to a single chart save, strange bugs begin to happen. In some cases, the user simply no longer can open his chart, and is forced to start over, losing all previously saved data. In other cases, all the drawings get merged onto a single symbol on their chart. Both issues are very frustrating, both to us, and to our users, and there unfortunately does not appear to be any sort of temporary remedy we can implement to simply recover the lost data.


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