Using Coinigy's Data Page

Welcome to Coinigy! If you are interested in purchasing historical data you can accomplish this at the Historical Bitcoin Data page available on

A couple of things to keep in mind before diving in. 

  • There is a minimum order of $500
  • Data is delivered in a compressed CSV format
  • You will need to sign the Coinigy Data Agreement before purchasing data

To navigate to this page simply hover on "API and Data" and click on "Historical Data"

This will take you to our historical data page and you can start your order right away or scroll down the page to view example data sets, pricing, or case studies.

You will see a box with the basic instructions for starting an order. They will be detailed here.

When you continue to scroll you will arrive at Step 1. Here you will search for and select the markets you wish to purchase data sets of. For a full list of exchanges and codes, click here. Or you can view the most popular markets as well and select them.

When you select a market you can then choose the type and dates of the data you wish to receive. Press add to cart and the price will be calculated down below in Step 2.

Our pricing chart is found past the markets list and search function.

Below that you will find some example data sets and can download them. As well as the schema we use when delivering the data. All data is delivered in a compressed csv file as described here. This means you will need to decompress the data before you can begin processing and viewing it.  

Once you have selected your preferred data packages and are prepared to receive them you will begin the checkout process. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions as well as sign the Coinigy Data Agreement. You can choose to pay with either Bitcoin or a Credit Card. The minimum order is 500 US Dollars.

Click on the purple button with prompting you to sign the Coinigy data agreement. It will take you to a third party page to verify and sign a legal document. 

 Enter your name and email in the corresponding boxes and begin signing.

Once you receive the access code to your email you can input it in the next box and validate.


You will be taken to the legal document to begin the electronic signing process. Once you read and input all relevant data you can sign and continue to either creating an account on docusign (not required) or decline and be informed your agreement will be emailed to you.


Make sure to use the same email as on the agreement to checkout. Your will then be asked to pay and the data will be delivered that email address.

Thanks for using Coinigy Data Services!



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