What is Coinigy's cancellation and refund policy?

Coinigy is a subscription-based platform, similar to that of Netflix or Spotify which means that whenever you start a subscription, if you agreed to pay on a monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/annual basis while signing up, you will be charged monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/annually, not as a one-off payment.

The Terms of Service & End User Agreement is agreed to by every customer prior to the beginning of their subscription.

Refund requests must be made within 3 days of making the payment in order to receive a refund. All payments using a promo code and cryptocurrency payments are final. To inquire about a refund, contact support@coinigy.com

Cancelling Account

So sorry to hear that you'd like to cancel your subscription with us. In order to do this, you may go to the subscription cancellation page, then follow the prompts that follow by clicking the button at the end of the page, then confirm the cancellation and you should be good to go.

Thanks for using Coinigy, and we do hope to see you back with us soon.

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