What should I include when reporting an issue?

Problems happen and bugs sneak up, we do our best to catch them but often we need your help since every machine and connection is different. You can help us and all of the community by taking a few steps before reporting an issue.

  1. All modern browsers include debugging tools these can usually be accessed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I or by right-clicking on the page and selecting "Inspect".
  2. Check your browser's "Console" for errors. Some errors are normal some are not. This information can be a big help in situations where a button is not working properly, actions that you expect to occur are not, or you are receiving error messages.





  3. Check your browser's "Network". This is very important as it shows how long it took to load all items that make up the page and if they were loaded successfully. If you are experiencing very long load times, the connection indicator on the right of the footer is not turning green, or elements are missing from the page this can be very helpful. To get proper information you need to take a few steps here: first make sure "Disable cache" is checked, then with the network window open refresh the page. You should now have a recording of every request your browser has made including the status code which should be 200 for all requests.


  4. Saving the "Console" output and/or taking screenshots and snips can greatly reduce how long it takes for an issue to get correctly diagnosed and corrected.  The browser's "Console" window will allow you to right-click and save the output or select all and copy the output which can then be sent to us. Windows users can easily take snippets using Windows built-in "Snipping Tool", all modern operating systems have tools that can be used for taking snippets or screenshots which can then be sent or saved as images.

Once you have gathered all necessary information, please open a support ticket by emailing support@coinigy.com or going to Help-Submit a Ticket



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