Coinigy takes the security and legal standing of the exchanges we partner with very seriously. We have designed our system in a way that there is absolutely no compromise to the exchange’s own KYC/AML policies and procedures or transaction monitoring/tallying.

Coinigy allows our users to input the API key for their existing exchange accounts to our platform in order to allow them to view their balances and place orders through our site. These are all individual traders, trading using their own personal API keys from their own accounts with the exchange. None of the exchange’s transaction tracking, security practices or KYC/AML policies are bypassed or impacted in any way. Coinigy does not take additional fees and we do not control user’s funds or take deposits directly for any type of trading.

Coinigy’s software is so isolated from the process, in fact, that we do not even need an exchange account ourselves in order to provide the services we provide. However, that does not mean we wish to hide in the shadows! We will be happy to fill out any paperwork required and provide all of our information including our US Federal Employer Identification Number. If anyone from the exchange would like to have an additional conversation with us over the phone to get a better understanding for how our business operates, we would be glad to do so.

If it interests you, you can see more about Coinigy’s own security policies and practices at the following URL:

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