How do I enable two factor authentication (2FA) on my account?

Two Factor Authentication is one of the latest security precautions that can be enabled on your Coinigy account to give you peace of mind and make it much tougher for people to access your details. Along with a strong password, 2FA will ensure top security. 

Users can find an in-depth video of how to do so here:.


Alternatively, to use 2FA with Coinigy, perform the following steps. 

   1. Download the 2FA app (Google Authenticator for most users) on your mobile phone. If you use Android, download it here, and if you use iOS, download it here.

   2. In your browser, log in to

   3. Go to your Account Information page by clicking the menu icon in the top right corner, clicking the 'Settings' option, then choosing the 'My Account' option.

   4. Find the 'Two-Factor Authentication' tab near the center towards the top of the page. Click the tab and you should be brought to a page that looks like this:



   5. Now click 'Enable Two-Factor Authentication'. This should bring up a screen with a QR code.

   6. Open the Google Authenticator app on your Mobile phone and click the '+' symbol (or click 'Begin Setup' if this is your first time using the app). After, click 'Scan barcode' in the popup menu.

   7. Hold your phone's camera within Google Authenticator up to the QR code.

   8. Your phone should now display a number code generated for Coinigy that will periodically fluctuate. Input this into the text box labeled 'Authenticator Code'.

   9. Click the button labeled 'Enable' next to the code textbox. Your account is now set up for Two-Factor Authentication. 

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