What is a Coin and how do I trade them?

What is a Crypto-Currency?

A Crypto-Currency or "coin" is a very unique medium of value in that it can act as a currency, commodity, or even stock/ bond. The most common use of these coins is the use of a currency, Bitcoin is the largest coin in terms of volume and is used mainly as a currency and transfer of value from party to party. 


How do I get a Crypto-Currency?

The easiest way to get a coin into your hands (or wallets as they are called) is to use an exchange like Coinbase or Binance for example. This allows you to attach a bank account or credit card to your account and quickly buy/ sell Bitcoin. Once you have Bitcoin you can go to any exchange and sign up for an account. Once you have registered you will need to transfer funds from your Coinbase or Binance account into your specific exchange account. This is easily done by just copying and pasting the exchange wallet address into the sending information on your original wallet.




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