How do I place orders on Coinigy?

Coinigy allows you to buy and sell any coin on any exchange that you have an account for. 

To place an order make sure you have gotten the exchange-specific API Keys and imported them into Coinigy. 



1. Once you are ready you can go to the Markets page which can be found in the upper banner menu on




2. Once inside the Markets page you can go to your coin and exchange with the menu on the left.Markets_2.png


3. Once you are on your specific coin you will see the Buy and Sell menu on the right. The Data Tab will also provide you with current market orders. Coinigy will also show you how much Bitcoin or the coin itself you have in your exchange wallet. Your open orders can also be found below the Buy and Sell options. You can learn how to set a stop-limit order here.




Please let us know if you have any issues at all with placing an order on by emailing at any time.

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