How do I use the Coinigy Charts? provides its users a massive amount of analytic and charting tools. It can be a lot to take in the first time and in this solution article, we are going to break it all down and show you how the charts can be an amazing and powerful tool.


The Chart Itself: The Coinigy charts are like most financial charts in that they focus on the price candle (OHLC) chart. You can scale the charts by using your mouse wheel (or a two-finger zoom on laptops) and look at any time frame you would like for the specific coin. With the price levels to the right and the volume bars for the period below, the default chart provides the users the essentials for a quick look at the coin's performance. Next, we will dig into the specifics of the chart and show you how to customize the chart to fit your specific needs.




The Chart Top Bar: The toolbar at the top of the Coinigy chart is full of tools that will allow you to change and alter the chart and its properties. We will outline the entire toolbar below:



Time Interval: The first tool will allow users to change the time interval of the candles, ranging from 1 minute to 1 month. 



Chart Movement Forms: The next tool lists the different chart models Coinigy supports. The Candle Chart defaults as it is the most commonly used financial chart, but like everything on Coinigy, you can elect to change it for your needs.




Chart Settings: The gear icon will open up a chart settings box that will allow you to change the color of the chart and background. Additionally, you can change the scale of the chart, choosing between a log chart, percentage, nominal value, along with other customization features.



Indicators: Coinigy is full of technical indicators that can provide users with the knowledge and data they need to know in order to make well-informed trades and investments. 



Comparative Charts: Using the balance icon, users can compare charts on top of each other. One effective way of utilizing this feature is to compare all of the different Bitcoin exchanges and look for arbitrage opportunities. 




On-Chart Ordering and Alerts: One of Coinigy's best features is the on-chart actions. These tools allow you to set price-triggered actions directly on the chart itself. The blue icon is an alert action that you can place below or above the current price and Coinigy will alert when the price falls below or rises above your alert. The green icon is an on-chart buying action that allows you to set buy orders directly on the chart. Finally, there is the red sell action that allows you to place sell orders directly on the chart. Find out more about the On-Chart actions here.


alert_orders.png      Price_Alert_IE.png

Undo/ Redo: Easily remove or redo your last action on the chart.




Fullscreen: Coinigy allows its users to go full screen with their charts letting them have as much room as they want to customize the chart and make the best trading decisions possible. 




Screenshot: Users can easily take a snapshot of their current chart setup and share it with anyone with a link or simply by tweeting it to their followers. 




The Chart Side Bar



 Trend Lines: The first menu on the sidebar is full of simple, straight trend lines to use for finding ceilings, floors, and other moving support levels. 



PitchFork: Andrews' Pitchfork is a popular technical indicator that draws three parallel trendlines around an uptrend or downtrend to identify possible levels of support and resistance.



Drawing and Shapes: The paintbrush menu is the place for users to find shapes and a drawing brush to annotate their charts. 



Text and Other Shapes: Users can add text and notes to their charts for when they share the charts, explaining what they are showing. 




Pattern Tools: This menu is where you will find charting pattern tools such as Head and Shoulders and Elliott patterns. 




Profit/ Loss Projection Tools: These tools allow users to see what their profits are at certain price levels and set projections for both price and date-based data. 

Icons: This menu is packed full of fun icons to make your charts a little more unique! 




Zoom: The magnifying glass is the zoom-in tool, by drawing a rectangle over the area you wish to see the chart will zoom in and fit your area exactly. 


Measure Tool: This tool will give users specific time and price data they need to know about a certain time value on the chart. 




Magnet Mode: Clicking on the magnet allows users to place trend lines that "snap" to candles making it easier to place exact support levels on the chart. 




Stay in Drawing Mode: 

Lock Icon:  The lock icon will put all of the current drawing annotations on lock and the eye icon will make all of the current drawing annotations invisible. 




Show Objects Tree: This pop-up will show the current elements that are on the chart at that point in time. You can customize the individual elements from this menu as well. 




Get started using Coinigy charts (Video): 


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