How do I use study templates? How do I save, share or load charts? How do I reload autosave?

There are 3 ways Coinigy helps users save their charting. Study Templates (down arrow next to Indicators) allow a user to quickly apply the same saved indicator settings to all charts. The Chart Layout toolbar (upper right) allows users to save drawings and indicators on all pairs with one click. Finally, the autosave feature allows you to quickly get back to charts that might have otherwise been lost.




Our new autosave function now restores automatically! You can disable or change this setting by going to Settings>Preferences. Scroll to the bottom and select your option under Platform Preferences.




Study Templates

Study Templates are a great way to save indicator(s) to apply to all charts later. Drawings do not get saved with Study Templates. To save a study template click the down arrow next to indicators.




Click "Save Study Template As.." you can name the study whatever you like, and choose to save the interval or not.


You can use the same down arrow to load a saved study. Then choose the study you want to load. The study will be applied to all trading pairs.

Chart Layout toolbar

You can save, load, or share your chart layouts using the Chart Layout toolbar. Saving charts will save drawings and indicators. Once you have gotten a chart and indicators set up you will be able to click on the save chart layout in the upper-right of the chart.


Click on "Save as" and name the chart anything you would like. Click "Save" once you are good to go.


The middle button in the Chart Layout toolbar allows you to load saved layouts. 



Click the Layout you would like to load from the dialog.


If you would like to share a chart, click the save icon in the upper-right of the chart.




Use the dialog to save an image, or copy the URL. Clicking on the Twitter share will allow you to share the chart with your Twitter followers.




As you can see there are lots of ways Coinigy makes it easy to save, load, and share your High Definition charts.

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