Can I "Sweep Dust" on Coinigy V2?

When actively trading on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchanges, you may be left with a very small amount of a specific currency. 

For example, if you attempt to sell 100% of an asset, but only 99% of the trade is fulfilled, or- if you hold a small balance of a currency, and the currency is then de-listed by the exchange, you may be left with what is referred to as "dust".

"Dust" is usually a minute amount of a cryptocurrency that remains in your balance, and is untradeable due to not meeting the minimum quantity threshold for trading, or the currency being delisted from an exchange (but your balance still reflects the small amount you hold).

Coinigy allows you to "Sweep" this dust amount which completely hides this currency's balances from both your Balances view as well as the Trading view. 


The sweep dust feature has been eliminated for V2 of the platform, however, at the moment you are now able to hide certain balances that may be considered dust.

This can be found by selecting "Portfolio" in the top left of Coinigy. Next, you can select the Exchange account where you want to "Sweep Dust" and go to the dropdown list on the left side of the page as shown in the screenshot below. Here you will be able which currency you would hide from your portfolio.


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