How do I use the new Market Switcher in V2?

The market switcher in the left-hand column of V2 has some powerful features for our users.


Follow these steps to get started with this new feature:

1. When typing in the filter box, it will only show exchanges that have markets that include those characters.


2. You can filter only the exchange list by using a colon (:) in the query:


3. Pressing return/enter while the filter box is focused will navigate to the first exchange/market pair in the list (the first market of the first exchange listed)

4. Pressing the tab button on your keyboard while the filter box is focused will traverse the market list, and allow you to press enter on a market to navigate to that market quickly using only your keyboard


Note: The filter box is able to be focused from anywhere on the market page by pressing the 'F' key.

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