How can I troubleshoot autosave, frozen or looping charts V2?

If you are having issues with your charts freezing, looping charts, or issues with autosave please try the following options to resolve this issue.


1. We recommend that you use Google Chrome with Coinigy, as most users report improved performance with the Google Chrome browser.  If you have any issues please try using Brave or Firefox.


2. Our new autosave function now restores automatically! You can disable or change this setting by going to Profile>Account Preferences. Scroll to the bottom and select your option under Platform Preferences TradingView AutoSave. You can learn more about this feature here. We suggest that you try to load an earlier saved chart prior to when you started experiencing issues.  








After you have done this, log out completely and log back in. Once you're logged back in, save a new chart with the name "AutoSave". When you change your autosave preference, it only takes effect upon the next login.


3. If this does not fix the issue - disable autosave completely, then log out and back in, and see if the issue is fixed.




4. If your issue continues to occur, switch to a new market and then re-enable Autosave, and see if it loads properly under a different market than the one you were having trouble with. 






5. Finally, try "Guest Mode" in the top right corner of Google Chrome (pressing your profile Icon), or private browsing in Firefox, to see if it is a local issue. 






6. Open the Javascript console, type `localStorage.clear();` and hit enter. It will likely say ‘undefined’ but that is OK. Then log out and log back in.







7. If your problem continues, please open a support ticket at and we will have a developer look into your issue. 





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