Where do I find my Coinigy API Keys?

Coinigy allows you to generate a unique set of API keys that give you the ability to access your account programmatically, receive live price updates, account notifications, and much more!


How to generate a new set of API keys

1. To generate API keys, log in to your Coinigy account and click Settings > My Account.




2. Click the "Coinigy API" tab on the next page, and then click "Generate New Key".






3. A new set of API keys will be generated. Your "Secret" key will only be shown ONCE, so keep it somewhere safe!






At any time, you can click "Revoke" to delete a set of keys.


How to access your Private Channel ID (Websockets & Cryptoticker)

Your Private Channel ID allows you to get live streaming account notifications directly through our WebSockets API.

To use your Private Channel ID, simply connect to our WebSocket API and subscribe to the Private Channel. You will receive live streaming data for all account actions, alerts, trade notifications, and favorites data.

To view your Private Channel ID, click on the red button at the bottom of the Coinigy API Preferences Page labeled "Click here to reveal my Private Channel ID (Websocket API)".









4. If you need any help at all, please view a quick video walkthrough here: http://recordit.co/2awMZsF20Y

If you have any questions about the Coinigy API, please feel free to reach out via Support Ticket.

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