How do I find my API key on

You can follow the tutorial video of how to add your Bittrex API key to Coinigy here. 

First navigate to Bittrex and register and for an account.

1. Log in to your account

2. Navigate to your settings page. This is found in the upper right.

3. Go to “API Keys” on the left

4. Select “Add new key”

5. You will now see the API as “New Key”. Enable all but withdrawal permissions

6. Press “Save” and you will be asked to input your 2FA code.

7. Copy your key and secret. Store in a safe place until the key is added to Coinigy.

8. On the left side again click on “IP Whitelist”

9. It is recommended to add the list of Coinigy IPs as your trusted IPs for the API key. You will find these IPs in the same location as where you input the API key and secret. Click on the IP white list settings on Coinigy and input the list displayed. You do not need to include your personal IP. You will need to add them one at a time to Bittrex

Your Bittrex trading API is now created and is ready to be added to Coinigy.


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