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As a 100% TA trader I LOVE Beta! You have made a great number of improvements over the standard UI. Many annoyances are now gone.

One place Beta fails to measure up (IMO) is how favorites are managed.

In standard Coinigy, when looking at the entire list of available coins and tokens offered by a particular exchange, the options are ADD or REMOVE a favorite. This immediately tells me if it was previously favorited(?), thus preventing me from inadvertently removing it from my Favorites List.

In Beta the only choice is TOGGLE. This allows me to unknowingly remove a favorite when viewing the entire list. The only way to know I've done this (or if a selection has previously been favorited) is to click the star at the top and look at the list of favorites to see what might now be missing.

This can be very cumbersome and time-consuming depending on the exchange. My Binance list is nearly 300 coins long and I am actively working to join other exchanges. I have no doubt you can understand how this is a huge frustration vs. the standard Coinigy UI.




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