Why does Coinigy work better in Chrome and Firefox than other browsers?

With web-based software that is complex and uses cutting edge browser features, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to make all features work the same in every browser. As you may be aware, JavaScript is code that runs within the background of a web page in your browser. Website developers use JavaScript to interact with the visual elements of the web page in order to do things like move elements around, change colors, or add new visual elements to the page. The functionality of JavaScript is updated regularly, and every browser development team interprets and implements the "JavaScript" standard slightly different. Smaller teams like Opera have a tougher time fixing bugs and creating consistency with other browsers. As of December 2015, only 1.5% of internet users were using the Opera browser (source). This means that web software developers, generally speaking, can't afford to go out of their way to attempt to create consistency across every browser.


One such example of this is with the charting library we use on Coinigy.  We license access to the code for the charting library, and display our own data within that code.  Our licensing agreement forbids us from modifying this code, and there are a few known issues with certain features in some browsers. However, the library we use is currently the best web-based charting package available, and we are constantly re-confirming that is the case in in our on-going quest to provide the best possible platform.


Coinigy strives to provide an exceptional experience for all of our users.  However, on some occasions, users have had to make sacrifices on the browser they use to access Coinigy in order to have this experience.    Chrome is the best browser to use. Firefox works great too. Newer versions of Internet Explorer also work.  


Download Chrome   Download Firefox

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